How To Make Money Online With Clickintensity

Make Money Online With Clickintensity



March 2016

Nick Johnson

Clickintensity is an Advertising & Revenue Sharing Company. Make money online FREE for just completing simple tasks, Viewing Ads, Watching videos.

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Steps To Qualify For Company Revenue Share

Each Revenue Share will get you 120% . Example: Every $25 Pack will get you back $30. Remember it's not Guaranteed. 

Step 1: Purchase Gold Coins ($25 = 1000 Gold Coins)

Select Your No. of Packs & Click Buy Button...

Select You Payment Option & Click Pay Now Button...

Step 2: Once You Get Your Gold Coins in your Dashboard. Go To Silver Packs option, Here you will use your Gold Coins to get Revenue Share position.

Remember That You Need Gold Coins To Purchase Silver Coins (Revenue Share)

Go To Silver Advertising Option, Then select Your no. of packs & Click Buy Button Below....

It's Automatically Select Gold Coins option. Just You Need To Click Pay Now Button

Step 3: Step up your Text Ad & Now all you have to do is click 10 ads Daily to Qualify daily Company Revenue Share

Click 10 Ads Daily to Qualify Revenue Share

Get paid 5 levels deep Sign up now for free and build your team

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