SkyWay Capital Investment

SKYWAY” is a fast growing company in the field of innovative string technologies. “SkyWay” creates integrated projects aimed to improve people’s lives and optimize the transport system.

BUSINESS OF THE COMPANY is divided into several areas:
• string transport “SkyWay”
   • development projects “SkyWay”
   • sea port “SkyWay”
   • system of linear cities “SkyWay”
   • all-planetary vehicle “SpaceWay”

Among innovative technologies, string technology enjoys the LEADING POSITION thanks to its high efficiency, environmental friendliness, resource intensity and other competitive advantages, which make it unique. Taking the principle “innovation without innovation” as a basis, using generally available, time-proven materials and engineering solutions, the Company has minimized innovative risks, which ensures its IPO access in the coming years and successful project implementation.
A WIDE RANGE of “SkyWay” string projects allows to satisfy customers’ needs in the sphere of overhead transportation, transport infrastructure, town-planning, development of hard-to-reach resources.
Flexibility and omnitude of “SkyWay” projects gives an opportunity to quickly and efficiently respond to slightest market fluctuations due to technical characteristics of the technology.

STRING TECHNOLOGY, taken as a basis for all “SkyWay” projects, is unparalleled. The string transport technology was supported by 15 expert evaluations, including the United Nations Organization, the Ministry of Economic Development and Transport of the Russian Federation, the Institute of Transport Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Siberian Department of Russian Academy of Transport, State Committee of the Russian Federation for Construction and Housing and Utility Complex, the Russian Academy of Engineering, St. Petersburg State University of Communication Lines.